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«Was geht mich das an?»
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Groups & Events

In addition to one-time events, parties and get-togethers there are ongoing courses and group activities that are tailored to needs of specific groups.

  • Language courses (Turkish, German, English, Lubunyaca) facilitate communication and convergence.
  • Our film nights focus on new and alternative productions about women, homosexuality, transsexuality and migration.
  • The trans- and women’s nights create a space where trans people, women and lesbians of color can come together and exchange experiences, play games, watch movies or just hang out…
  • In our youth theatre workshop youth get a chance to express themselves.
  • There is a a tai chi course.
  • We coordinate youth congresses with partner organizations in European countries.
  • Game nights are a chance to get together and have fun—and once a year you can try your hand at the annual GLADT backgammon competition.
  • Every month there is a Sunday brunch the day after the Gayhane party (usually the last Sunday of the month) where you might meet the person of your dreams…
  • You can see GLADT at the LGB Street Festival, the alternative «Transgenial» Queer Pride celebrations and at the Friedrichshain Park Festival.